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(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on
Ear To The Ground

I have seen the smiling sea
It crash upon the shore
This is the way the world was born
I have seen the walking waves
They wash upon my hands
This is my home, the Zuma sand

I have lived so long a life
Too beautiful to cry

I have seen your life begin
It was so long ago
And I barely knew the love I’d know
I have seen so many dreams
Some break and fall away
Some sprout and grow, you have no say

I will come to you at night
I’ll sing and hold you, child

Well, it’s alright
It's alright

Until we meet again, my friend
Until we meet again
May god hold you in the palm of his hand

I have seen all I will see
In this century of mine
I know the heart of all mankind
I have seen everyone I love
Alone now at the end
I am about to start again

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