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Young And Dumb
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Ear To The Ground

Good morning, blues
Fancy waking up here next to you
Do you think you could help me find my shoes?
I must be a sight, I can’t look my best here in this
Bright, bright morning light, it ain’t right

So hit the streets, it’s time to go
Lift up your head, and remember what you know

'Cause everyone could see right through if they wanted to
To what you think you hide
What it’s said and done, young and dumb,
You’re lucky to be alive
You were so ready to take your bow
But you went up to the plate, you struck out
Hey baby, ain’t you sorry now

The rolling road
Lay out before you, heavy as your load
Don’t you got what you need?
A god, a grace, and a purpose, so godspeed
Fall down to your knees

Show your face to the morning sky
And throw your arms, open them wide

Cause everything is heaven and hell
And everywhere in between
And what you bring is what you brought,
So, put it on the table and sing
Your life ain’t pretty, but you came back around
So, you kicked the family dog around
Well, hey baby, ain’t you sorry now?

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