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Watering Down The Brandy
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on
Boxes & Bags

Why do I have to paint your fingernails?
Why do I have to court the evening on with tall tales
It’s a surprise I haven’t landed
My dumb junkie ass in jail

Why do I have to sing this midnight song?
Why do I have to jump on with the crew and go along?
I miss the living and it always turns out wrong

I been watering down the brandy
I been digging for cigarettes
I been looking in the mirror for something
To find that thing that I been trying to forget
Watering down the brandy on this,
This typical movie set

Why do I have to watch this sun come up?
And why do I have to take to the streets
A smiling with my cup?
It’s a community effort, you know
To get a guy sufficiently fucked up

Why do I have to keep betting and rolling dice?
And why do I have to then get on the phone and tell a whole lot of lies?
And when it’s over, I’m sure I’ve seen enough
With these dry, tired eyes


The silver lining
Well, I see you under that cloud
The silver lining
I’ve never taken it seriously until now
I see my life before me
Like an impending chalk line
Upon the ground

The silver lining
Well, I see you up in that sky
The silver lining
I hear the clock a tick a tickin’
And the time is rolling by
All of my life I’ve been trying to be
Just a regular guy, but that just ain’t I
Got to be a little stronger just to stay a little longer
To be alright, it doesn’t matter why

Why do I have to live with this potential hell?
And why do I have to give up this thing
I know how to do so well?
Sometimes I wish I never woke up
But something, it broke the spell

Why do I have to take a leap of faith like this?
Out into the unknown, into a sultry life
But one I don’t want to miss
I gotta hand it to ya, Brandy, my ass is whipped
You lied to me and I fell hard for you
And you betrayed me with a kiss


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