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To The River
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Now Take Flight

I think I was born in these shoes,
I been walking so long
Walking so long
Can't remember the start of these terrible blues,
I just cant go on
Just can't go on

The ground, it trembles
There’s fire in the sky
I must get to the river or I’ll surely die
I'll surely die

I think I was born on this road
I fell straight from the tree
I fell from the tree
Days are no different than any before
And it’s no way to be
It's no way to be

The wind, it howls
There’s hounds at the door
I must get to the river to sing once more
Sing once more...

And she rolls, only music frees this soul of strife

I won't bring no bottle
I wont bring no knife
For this song is going to save my life

These days get heavy
On my back while rambling the lands
I must get to the river to empty my hands