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These Gray Days
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Now Take Flight

These gray days, they carry me away
Over the hills of the coastal range that I live by
And I will try, I will look up into the sky
Watching the geese like the days gone by

These gray days, making me sit and sing a tune
It’s all I can do until the summer blaze blooms
And if I so choose, I could be awake and anew
Maybe it’ll bring me to you, I don’t know its ways
These gray days

These gray days, got me looking into the well
To see what stays, and what’s rolling by on its way
And I come to yesterday’s hell, I know it well
It’s a matter of fact tomorrow will fruit, but of what I have yet to tell
These gray days

These gray days, they seem so cold and long
And I’ll just sit and wait for the song
I’ve already passed the longest night, but I’m still waiting for the light
Patience will bring to you insight, they say
These gray days
They carry me away out over the ocean waves, today

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