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Only Road
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Ear To The Ground

Cut me a body from the clay
A simple heart of stone
Open my eyes and break the day
Breathe life into my bones

From the sky a soul is born
A world I hardly know
Gifted once and sent along
My only road

Build me a house of sandalwood
And golden bales of hay
On a land that feels so home
I’ll always want to stay

Lady youth and harvest rolls
Summers come and go
Shall we dance, forget we’re on
My only road

Give me a hearty memory
Tales of now and then
Dim my light and lead me on
Back to the earth again

Look to the dark and silent sky
Tell me what you know
Though afraid I wander on
My only road

Though afraid I wander on
As the story goes
Patient sky looks down upon
My only road

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