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Little Sister
(Ingrid Elizabeth)
Originally recorded on The Harvey Tour (Live)

Being the baby always suited me fine
Monkey in the middle, you were always left behind
But in that shadow you ripened from a tough little girl
To a woman of voluptuous grace
In gowns of linen & lace, we were sisters of the Summerland

We grew up side by side, the maple and cherry tree
Your berries so sour, my syrup so sweet
Racing each other to the sky, you looked up to me and I don't know why
And oh, how I lived for your laugh, but now you just cry

And now, you won't even talk to me, just when I needed you most
Speaking right through me like I'm some kind of ghost
Oh, I never would've climbed on your pedistool
If it knew it meant falling this far
Blacklisted from your heart, exiled from my brother's arms

Oh, Little Sister
Never looked so little till now
Your laughter is a weapon, your song is your shield
So no one can see all the pain you've concealed
You are a songbird, but what will you do
When your bittersweet song, it don't tell the whole truth anymore?
Your silence is a slamming door

Half a dozen years gone by with my arms open wide
But I'm getting too old, too jaded, too sick and too tired
Well, now you're a mama with babes of your own
Still playing your childish games
Will they even know my name when I see them in the Summerland?


Laugh, Little Sister, Laugh, Little Sister
Gay your life must be
Laugh, Little Sister, Laugh, Little Sister
Laughing right through me
Laugh, Little Sister, Laugh, Little Sister
Won't you laugh for me?

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