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Forever's Song
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Boxes & Bags

Come with me where the river flows high
I got a blanket and I got the sky
Come with me where the earth is dry
And I cry and I’ll tell you why

Come with me and the birds to the sea
Step in the water, wade to the knee
There is something I want to see
And try to be

Take me down to the county fair
Take me to where there’s water in the air
Take me where the seasons change
And the leaves turn the color of your beautiful hair

Take me on where the wild ones go
Show me the ways, and the wise, and the know
Take me through the ice and snow
Where ever you go

This life ain’t going no one’s way
Sweet Goddess, she’s gonna do what she do
Miss fickle rolls with God in the hay
And leaves him sleeping under the moon
The harvest is done and she ain’t coming back till June

But you sit with me under the tree
The city lights are nowhere in sight
I’m one, I’m kind, I flow, I find
It’s right, it’s right

I see you in white

Come with me where the cliffs get steep
Where you need somebody, trust don’t come cheap
Your head gets clear and the air gets thin
Look into my eyes, take the great leap

Come with me down the road to the end
Moving steady, it’s only a bend
Come and be my closest friend

Take me down where the fire’s built high
Where the human spirit lights up the sky
Take me where the world breaks down
And things are allowed to grow and die

Take me down by the waterfall
Joy to renew, let go of it all
And we will hear the old earth call

But I come up from a different stock
My soul straight from the Drunkard’s Lore
Dirty man gonna go where the wind is hot
Dirty boy, dirty whore, gonna sleep on your floor
Watch him as he begs his mama for more

You lock the door and I leave you sore
I dream at night, you wrap me tight
I’m one, I’m kind, I flow, I find
It’s right, it’s right

I see you in white

Come with me to the grounds below
Come and bury with all we know
The winter and the cold surround
We are warm and living beneath the snow

Come and see what the firelight brings
What comes forth when we dance and sing
Come and be at peace with all things

Take me down by the willow tree
Set me down and let us be
Take my hand and lead me home
To roam as far as the eye can see

Take me on where the days get long
Come up from the ground to the world belong
Sing to me Forever’s song
Forever’s song

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