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(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Ear To The Ground

The heart ain’t just something you know
It speaks like dreaming, your mind following slow
Like every sunset knows when to go

The heart won’t just tell you who to be
Won’t hold your hand or remind you you’re free
Won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to be

I can’t keep running the road
I can’t keep selling off what’s already sold
I can’t keep getting gone if I’m trying to be known

The heart ain’t just somewhere you live
Or somewhere to be, or one to be with
And how can you take what you cannot give?

I think about all we’ve been through
And all that you’ve done to make me come true
Every morning, I wake next to you

I can’t keep sailing away
I can’t keep betting off all of my days
I can’t keep waiting for that perfect something to say
But give me something to say

Tell me why, days go by, I sing my summer lullaby
Tell me why, screaming at the Texas sky
But ain’t nobody hear my cry
Dead quiet in the center eye
Love has wings, it was meant to fly

I can’t keep waiting around
I can’t keep looking for what’s already found
The treasure is in the way we make this most beautiful sound

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