Happy 2015, Y'all!

Although we definitely miss traveling and touring as Coyote Grace, we are truly excited to share the different musical treats we've been whipping up and will be dishing out to the world in 2015. (You'll notice that even when we're not doing shows as CG, you can't keep us from making music together.)  Here's a quick rundown on where everyone is at:

JOE has been resting on his laurels for a short spell after doing a whirlwind 3-month Big Damn Tour last fall promoting his new solo full-length album Last Man Standing, which he recorded at Empty Sea Studios and was co-produced by our very own Michael Connolly. Joe will be back at the recording console again in 2015 with his Songs of The People project. Meanwhile, stay tuned to his website to see what towns he'll be hitting up and who he'll be making mischief with in 2015.  You know Joe can't sit still for TOO long.

Listen to Last Man Standing

For UPCOMING SHOW info, check out www.joestevensmusic.com

has been VERY busy in the last 6 months: Not only did she start a band with her fiancee (Ty Greenstein) called Mouths of Babes, but they also recorded & released their debut EP Faith & Fumes (also recorded at Empty Sea Studios and produced by Michael Connolly).  Oh yeah...AND they relocated to Chicago (from Berkeley) AND they're getting married this May. All while writing songs for Real Women Real Songs on the weekly. NO BIG DEAL.

Listen to Faith & Fumes

For UPCOMING SHOW info, check out www.mouthsofbabesmusic.com/shows

MICHAEL has been busy as ever launching The Roots Channel, the groundbreaking streaming network (like Netflix or Hulu, but cooler!) dedicated to providing content to roots/acoustic music lovers worldwide, including live concerts, music videos, documentaries, and instructional videos. As Michael is obviously a long-time working musician, producer, and studio engineer, he brings his experience and heart into this project, making it the ONLY one of its kind that actually uses the majority of subscription money to pay the artists directly for their content. Soon available on Roku! And the first month is only $1.99 - what a deal!

Check out The Roots Channel

As you may have noticed, things at Coyote Grace headquarters are fairly snoozy right now. So, if you want to keep up to date with these new projects, please sign up on our individual newsletters, as we will not be sending regular news updates & show announcements to the CG mailing list. We don't want you to miss a thing, so sign up by clicking on the links below:

JOE STEVENS mailing list
MOUTHS OF BABES mailing list
THE ROOTS CHANNEL subscription info

We hope that 2015 brings you all the abundance, joy, adventure, security, healing, love, and munchies you can possibly dream of.  Stay tuned and hope to see you soon!

Love, Kisses, & Shiny Party Hats,
Miss Grace, Mr. Coyote, and Dr. Squeezbox